8 Great Additions to ANY Trail Meal!

While we are confident our meals are pretty dang spectacular as is, there are some additional items we occasionally carry along! Some change the flavor, some change the texture, and some just help you pack in as many calories, protein, and fat as possible. Have your own favorites? Let us know! Here are 8 of our favorite add ons!

Olive Oil - While a staple of frontcountry cooking, olive oil is a great high calorie and high-fat addition to pretty much any backcountry meal. Simple to mix in, olive oil adds substance without vastly altering the overall flavor. Have some leftovers that are a little dried out? Squirt in some olive oil to give it new life! Worried about the mess of transportation? Subway has single serves packets, and you can always repackage it within a little plastic bottle! Vegetarian? Olive oil is your best friend.

Tortillas - In the never-ending quest to consume more calories and give your body more fuel, tortillas are a vital component. Not only do they taste wonderful, but they allow you to turn every meal into a burrito meal. Who doesn’t love wrapping carbs inside more carbs? Plus, there are few things better than using a bit of leftover tortilla to absorb the last refinance of food in your pouch (or bowl)! Pasta burrito? Beef stroganoff burrito? Don't knock it until you try it (preferably after a long and physically grueling day).

Salt & Pepper - The classics! Enough said.

Hot Sauce - Need some truly ultralight flavor? Few things alter the taste of food more than hot sauce. A little bit goes a long way, and a small bottle can last a long trip! Sriracha? Franks? Find one you like, or pick a couple and put them in a handful of different small droppers!

Parmesan - Nothing makes you feel more human than adding parm to a trail meal. While we aren’t about to make a health food argument for parm's integration into your trail diet, its delicious, and goes with pretty much everything.

Chia Seeds - Great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike, Chia seeds are packed with fiber, protein, and plenty of good fats! Sprinkle a handful into your dinner, and your future energy levels will thank you! Similar to olive oil, chia seeds punch well above their weight class.

Nutritional Yeast - Some people love it, some people hate it. While controversial, nutritional yeast is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Shake it on top and gobble up.

Side Packs - Want to pack your meals with a little additional meat? Sprinkle one of our side packs into your meal. Freeze dried and precooked, they also make a tasty snack!

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