In defense of dessert! 5 reasons why dessert matter.

Everyone loves desserts, but often times our post-dinner delights are disregarded as unhealthy and superfluous. Blasphemy! As the defenders of delicious desserts… here are 5 reasons why desserts matter!

High in calories

On long and short trips alike, consuming enough calories to counterbalance the energy you are expending can be difficult. Fortunately, traditional desserts are high in calories, proteins, and fats. Each of these are things that hardworking backpackers, paddlers, climbers, and general enthusiasts need for sustained outdoor adventures. Sure you could douse your food in olive oil or eat sticks of butter, but Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake has a slightly better ring to it!  Additionally, you won’t wake up feeling ravenous, and you’ll find yourself more energized for the day ahead.

Keep you warm

Being cold sucks, and there are few things more frustrating than being cold and attempting to fall asleep. While there are plenty of potential tips for keeping yourself warm on a chilly night, one of the best tricks is to eat something that your body can rapidly break down and utilize: dessert! Eating simple sugars before going to bed (or in the middle of the night) helps kickstart your internal furnace, giving your body the fuel it needs to help keep you toasty all night. 

Something to look forward to 

When the going gets tough, the tough start to think about food! After busting your butt all day, often times the only thing keeping you upright is your incredible desire to eat. While food fantasizing isn’t limited to desserts, the thought of dinner + dessert is far more incentivizing than dinner on its own. Sure staying in the moment and enjoying the journey is a crucial part of any trip, but on the other hand… dessert! One’s emotional wellbeing is as important as one’s physical wellbeing, and desserts can play a big role in supporting one’s overall happiness.

Great for a snack the next day

Didn’t finish all your dessert from the night before? Hello breakfast! Admit it, fruit cobblers, pies, and puddings are all dream breakfasts (oatmeal + cobbler is FANTASTIC), and each is significantly better when they were already made the night before. Equally delicious and zero waiting. Nice! Feeling a bit low energy during the day? Stash some dessert away for a mid-day pick me up!

Excellent way to make friends

While having dessert for breakfast is an excellent choice, sharing extra dessert is an amazing way to make new friends. Some might turn down a bit of leftover ramen or rice and beans, but it's hard to imagine a hungry hiker saying no to a bit of extra dessert!